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What is an HSA?

HSA's are Health Savings Accounts and we LOVE THEM! They are definitely our favorite health insurance option!

We can help you understand all the pieces.

There are carriers terminating all of the new individual only health insurance plans written under the ACA timeframe from 2013 to current. This affects a lot of policies! Both, Marketplace and privately purchased. THIS IS HORRIBLE. The only individual plans that are NOT terming is the Grandfathered (written prior to 2010) and Grandmothered (2010-2013) plans sold prior to ACA kicking in full blast.

Most likely because people don't pay their bills. That's unfortunate and everyone needs to remember that your health is most important and you have to pay for services...at the time of service. So be prepared. Most everyone has a cell phone($40-$150/mo) and cable tv ($50-$180mo), internet service ($25-$80mo) some smoke ($5/pack) some drink ($5-50/day) some eat out often ($10-$25/meal) some drink coffee ($2-$6/per drink) soda, energy drinks daily… the list goes on…..

People that are on Medicare are getting ready to do their annual review during AEP Annual Enrollment Period October 15th - December 7th. Then new plans/renewed plans start January 1st 2017.

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