When do you get Medicare?
You get Medicare (typically) when you turn 65. Medicare is Part A & Part B...then you will typically choose a Supplement to your Medicare or an Advantage Plan. This is where we come in… We will have a discussion with you, explain all your options and help get you enrolled in the route you choose. We are available all year long for guidance and during AEP Annual Enrollment Period, we will review and help shop, move or confirm your next year's plan.

When should I think about Medicare?
You should start thinking and understanding how it works maybe as young as 62…. There are costs involved and when you get closer to retirement you really should plan for this area. Some high income earners will pay quite a bit more for their Medicare so know your facts! We can discuss this beginning phase and help make the move smooth! We work mostly on referrals and can help with no pressure, no cost and peace of mind that we work for you.

What if I am still working a full time job and have insurance with my employer?
Lots of people work past 65 and we can help you understand your options, timelines you need to pay attention to. Some things to pay close attention to in this situation:

  • Do you have an HSA medical plan and savings account?
  • Are you a high income earner?
  • Is my plan “creditable” for Medicare Part D? (Part D is the prescription drug portion of Medicare)
  • When should l sign up for Medicare if I want to delay enrollment?
  • Cobra coverage and Medicare?

Beware! Get the facts!

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