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If you like what you have you can just leave it be- don't need to do anything

If you want to shop, you should use a broker

Why a broker? Because we do anywhere from 40-80 hours recertification every year to learn the plans/benefit changes to ALL the different plans. We work with numerous carriers to have a wide array of options and have the knowledge to explain in simple terms.

We can help answer questions you might have, review your specific concerns, medications, and any new concerns that came up this year.

Spaich Benefits sells Advantage Plans, Supplement Plans and PDP (Rx) Plans.

Medicare is a great benefit and you should be content and happy with your choice for the coming year!

Personal and private service from a broker you can get to know and trust for years to come.

Getting close to Medicare age? (65)

Call us to discuss what you need to know.

Who We Are:

Local family owned and operated agency. We are advocates for the general public when it comes to helping people and employers with the right health insurance.

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