What the What?

What is an HSA?

HSA's are Health Savings Accounts and we LOVE THEM! They are definitely our favorite health insurance option!

We can help you understand all the pieces.

We personally have HDHP High Deductible Health Plans with an HSA Health Savings Account

These are phenomenal plans that i believe are the ONLY thing in America that isn't taxed! (if used properly)

Here at Spaich Benefits, we can tell you if you are eligible and how to use them every which way possible.

Here are some questions that we can help you answer to help you better understand the value of an HSA.

  • Do you want to save money tax free always and never have to draw on it?
  • Do you know the strategy of an HSA?
  • Do you use your insurance a lot?
  • Do you use your insurance very little?
  • Not enough room to list everything about an HSA! Call us for a review.

2 pieces to this option:

  • HDHP High Deductible Health Plan (insurance plan)
  • HSA Health Savings Account (banking side to pay the high deductible or save)

FSA: Typcially offered by an employer. The use it or lose it plan… but it is still a great benefit! Call for a description, if your employer offers it orr we can help a business add this to their benefit package.

HRA: typically offered by an employer. This is a great plan and you probably understand this one the best because it helps pay your out of pocket expenses through the year.

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